My life changed in a fraction of a second. Following a fall from top of the stair case, I was admitted in the hospital.  After few months of medical intervention in the hospital, I was discharged.  Coming back home was a challenge, I was tired, weak and was not sure of what to expect when I get back home.  I had weakness in left upper and lower limb, could not stand properly because of my balance and was struggling with day to day tasks.

I knew the road to recovery was not going to be easy, however I had great support from my family and team of professionals around me. 

Gradually stared working on strengthening my muscles, along with the team we worked on balance activities and exercises.  I used to repeat every task again and again until I got it right, it takes great amount of practice, however I was determined to get back to were I was before I had this incident.

My therapist was working on fine movements of my hand to assist me with activities which would help me to cook a meal in the kitchen, they were using various walking aids to improve my mobility and make me more independent.  It was a tough but a proud journey, the journey towards my independence.