It is important to tailor an exercise program to an individuals specific need and ability. Following Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) it’s essential to select the specific exercises sessions which will benefit you. Depending on your physical health needs physiotherapist can help you choosing the right type of exercises programme.  It could be either cardio vascular exercise, strengthening exercises or exercises to improve your flexibility.

Cardiovascular exercise will have an impact on heart, lungs, circulation, and muscles. The most common form of cardiovascular exercises includes walking, cycling and swimming.

Strengthening exercises challenges your muscle by pushing or pulling against resistance. Strength training can also influence bone density, balance and posture in a positive way.  The most common forms of strengthening exercises include weight, using resistance training machines, using resistance tubing and bands.

Flexibility exercises increase the muscle length and allow an individual to move his/her joints through great range of motion.  Improved flexibility may make it easier to getting into positions such as squatting, bending and reaching.  The most common flexibility exercises are Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.

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