I have been very grateful for the physiotherapy that Ashwin has given to my wife over the last few months.  She is resident in a Nursing Home and due to a neurological condition has very little movement and spends most of her time in bed.  I was very concerned about her loss of muscle tone and was anxious to prevent this.  Ashwin has been visiting her twice each week and I believe that she is greatly benefiting from the muscle stimulation together with the manipulation of her limbs and neck that she has received in these sessions.  I realise that a physiotherapist would normally hope to restore movement and enable someone to be ambulant.  In my wife’s condition this outcome is not possible but, nevertheless, during all this time my wife has been shown great sensitivity and understanding by Ashwin. I can not imagine any improvement upon what he has done in very limited circumstances, without access to the equipment that might be used were she able to visit a specialised clinic
Mr Alan Sharp, 4th May 2016

I have been having problems with my balance for few months and was struggling a lot with my balance problems. My physiotherapist did an in depth assessment and gave me structured home exercises  programme following treatment.  My balance has improved significantly in past few weeks after my physiotherapy treatment.
Mr Bayles

My physiotherapist from Rehab Basics has been really good with his treatment approach, he listened patiently to me, answered all my queries and I was really happy with my treatment.
Ms Cross

I have been suffering with lower back pain for a long time, recently visited Rehab Basics for physiotherapy intervention. Because of my back pain I had been struggling with sleeping pattern and day to day activities.  Physiotherapist at Rehab Basics was very approachable and was very through with his assessment and treatment procedure.  I am delighted to say after few through treatment sessions my pain as completely disappeared.  I am enjoying my pain free life.
Mrs Clayton

My physiotherapist is really nice and very helpful.  I know that the therapy is helping me greatly to achieve my goal of “walking again”, after being confined to a wheelchair for over a year, I have been taking therapy for over two months.  I know it has greatly improved my strength.
Mr Hunt

Rehab Basics offers Treatment Sessions in Clinics across Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes OR at Home Environment.