Functional Electrical Stimulation

Stroke survivors without appropriate treatment could completely loose their ability to use certain muscles. In some cases their muscle tone will increase to the extent that the patients will have difficulty in performing certain movements, which  may lead to complex disabilities with serious consequences to the clients and their family members.

 One of the vital therapeutic tools we use in improving muscle memory and reducing muscle tone is Functional Electrical Stimulation(FES). This will assist stroke survivors retrain certain movement, reduce spasticity, regain the ability to voluntarily contract, maintenance and improve muscle strength.

You could see one our service user, who is a stroke survivor using FES for improving her hand movements.

Functional Electrical Stimulation(FES) is used in the rehabilitation of various neurological conditions with includes Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury and other neurological dysfunctions.  If you need more information about FES, contact our team at 01604-718091 or email us at